Electromagnetic, differential pressure, vortex, admass coriolis, mass and liquid flowmeter. Manufacture by AZBIL. Made in Japan

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Electromagnetic, differential pressure, vortex, admass coriolis, mass and liquid flowmeter. Manufacture by AZBIL. Made in Japan

Product Description

We propose five types of flowmeters (five measurement principles) that meet customer needs such as for simpler maintenance and energy-saving.


Elctromagnetic Flowmeters

High-efficiency electromagnetic flowmeters developed based on technologies that were fostered by our long-time amassed experience and performance records that can be applied to a wide-range applications.

  • Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter MagneW™3000 FLEX+ / PLUS+

MagneW3000 FLEX+/PLUS+ electromagnetic flowmeters are designed to measure every sort of liquid, including chemicals, slurries, and corrosive liquids. The standard model has a mirror-smooth PFA liner for excellent adhesion resistance that enables outstanding durability even in long-term use. It is available in an integrated type and a remote type, and can be used in a wide range of settings, including explosion-proof and outdoor environments.


  • Smart Two-wire Electromagnetic Flowmeter MagneW™ Neo PLUS / Two-wire PLUS+

The MagneW Neo PLUS/Two-wire PLUS+ is the successor to the SMT3000 smart two-wire electromagnetic flowmeter, which was the first of its kind in the world. It is the world's most widely used two-wire electromagnetic flowmeter. With its patented method of direct current excitation and variable excitation current, power consumption is reduced without compromising the high level of performance. Available in integrated and a remote types, this flowmeter can be used in a wide range of settings, including explosion-proof and outdoor environments.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Water Applications WaterMAG

This electromagnetic flowmeter for water use only applies Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow. It is ideal for monitoring of individual industrial water flows, membrane/filter performance monitoring, and cumulative flow management.

  • Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter MagneW™ 3000 PLUS+ series Detector (Open Channel type) Model NNK

This is a volumetric immersible electromagnetic flowmeter that applies Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure flow. It is ideal for use with liquids and slurries having a conductivity above a certain value. There is absolutely no pressure loss. Immersible electromagnetic flowmeters are installed in open channels and culverts for measuring drainage and for total volume control.

  • MagneW™ 3000 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Hyper-Fill Model: MGR***

This electromagnetic flowmeter for filling machines is a volumetric flowmeter that works by applying Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is ideal for flow rate measurement of liquids having a conductivity of 50 µS/cm or more. The MagneW 3000 Hyper-Fill has the flexibility to meet a diverse range of filling machine requirements. When installed in equipment that includes a sequencer and a high-speed counter unit, the flowmeter can be utilized for fixed-volume filling of PET bottles, cans, bottles, barrels, and bag-in-box containers with liquor, beverages, or water.

Differential Pressure Flowmeters

Usable as differential pressure flowmeters for measuring gas, steam, and liquid.

  • Multivariable Air Flow Meter AIRcube Model: MVC***

This flowmeter provides the functions and performance required to monitor and manage factory air consumption. Among its strong points is high-accuracy measurement in short straight pipes. For the converter, we use a multivariable sensor that detects differential pressure, pressure, and temperature with high accuracy. The converter applies density correction to the process variable detected by the multivariable sensor to give an accurate mass flow rate. It can also handle a range up to 100:1 so is ideal for covering a wide flow rate range.


  • Steam Flow Meter STEAMcube Model: MVC***

STEAMcube is a special-purpose flowmeter developed for the measurement of saturated steam. It has a built-in pressure compensation function and is capable of accurate mass flow rate measurement even when there are pressure fluctuations. The required upstream straight pipe length is extremely short, so this flowmeter can be installed in places where it was previously impossible to put a flowmeter. Its small size also facilitates a more compact design of the overall equipment.


  • Smart Multivariable Flow Transmitter ST3000 Model: JTD720A

The Smart Multivariable Flow Transmitter is a differential pressure transmitter with built-in temperature and pressure compensation that measures the mass flow rate of gases.
It simultaneously measures differential pressure, pressure, and temperature in order to compensate for changes in density caused by static pressure fluctuations and temperature fluctuations, and outputs a 4–20 mA DC analog signal proportional to the mass flow rate (volumetric flow rate under standard conditions). Rangeability of 135:1 in the span between 0.75 and 100 kPa.


  • Elliptical Throat Flowmeter Model: SDR11F

This flowmeter has a tapered elliptical constriction in the flow path which is used to measure the flow rate by finding the differential pressure between the constriction and the preceding part of the flow path. The structure of the pressure inlet and differential pressure detection sections from which the differential pressure is extracted are highly resistant to clogging by deposition or slurry. Accordingly, the flowmeter can be used for a variety of fluids including liquid, slurry, gas, steam, and solid-gas two-phase fluid containing powder, etc. This is an energy-efficient differential pressure flowmeter with minimal pressure loss. It helps to reduce carbon dioxide in industrial plants.


  • Tapless Venturi Flowmeter

The Tapless Venturi Flowmeter is a Venturi flowmeter that does not have a pressure output port (tap). A remote seal type differential pressure transmitter is used instead of connection piping for differential pressure detection, so the flow rate of slurry, fluid containing suspended matter, and corrosive fluid can be measured with minimal pressure loss. The flow rate of liquid or gas that solidifies when its temperature drops, or liquid that vaporizes when its temperature rises, is also measurable.

Mass Flow Meters nad Mass Flow Controllers

These products with mass flow sensors provide gas flow measurement and control that is featured by quick response, low pressure drops, and wide measurement ranges.

  • Mass Flow Meters

The Micro Flow Mass Flow Meter Series employs a detection unit featuring the µF sensor, a thermal mass-flow sensor designed by Azbil for measuring gas flow. These inexpensive mass flow meters provide high precision, reduced pressure loss and wide rangeability thanks to extensive use of the company's micro-machining technologies, as well as integration of the Micro Flow sensor and advanced channel-design technologies. They are ideal tools for controlling the flow rate or measuring the per-building consumption of fuel gas, various types of industrial gas, or plant air used for virtually anything from manufacturing processes to test equipment. To meet customers' application needs, a wide variety of products is available to measure various flow rate ranges, from 0–500 mL/min to 0–1,600 m³/h.

  • Mass Flow Controllers

Gas mass flow controllers use detection units that combine advanced actuator control technologies and Azbil's own Micro Flow thermal mass-flow sensor. Fast response is achieved over a wide range of flow-rate control thanks to the characteristics of µF sensors. These controllers are suitable for use with low-pressure gas supplied for glass processing in manufacturing plants, fire control during brazing, and other processes that conventional mass flow controllers could not regulate easily. Our diverse product lineup extends the scope of possible applications.


Liquid Flow Meter

This product's ability to measure instantaneous and integrating flow rates for micro flow rate liquid under 30mL/min contributes quality management and detection of anomalies in process to be based on actual flow rate data.

  • Micro Flow Rate Liquid Flow Meter Model F7M

The product is a micro flow rate liquid flowmeter designed to be embeded into equipments or to be installed in a production line or utility facility in the FA market. By combining a thermal MEMS sensor and a highly corrosion-resistant quartz glass flow path, the product can measure micro flow rates liquid flow of under 30 mL/min with a high degree of repeatability, which would be a difficult for traditional measurement methods. Measuring the instantaneous and integrating flow rates instead of previous methods contributes reliable quality management and detection of anomalies in process based on measured values. It can be used for a variety of fluids and it is compact, light-weight and easy to install.


Vortex Flowmeters

These flowmeters include a function for correcting temperature and pressure to provide high-accuracy measurements for wide-ranging applications such as for gas, liquid, and steam.

  • Multivariable Vortex Flowmeters AX2000 Series

AX2000 Series Multivariable Vortex Flowmeters incorporate azbil Group proprietary technologies and are multivariable and insertable. They measure flow rates of various fluids including liquid, gas, and steam, over a wide range of temperatures from -200 to +400 °C. These multivariable vortex flowmeters make highly accurate measurements of the flow rate of gas and superheated steam in particular. Multivariable functionality is achieved by three built-in sensing elements, a vortex shedding flow velocity sensor, a pressure sensor, and a temperature sensor. Because they measure flow rate, fluid temperature, and fluid pressure, these flowmeters can measure the mass flow rate of various fluids including gas, liquid, and steam, by means of density compensation. In addition, because they are insertion type, these flowmeters can be attached and detached without stopping the process, thereby lowering operating costs by reducing downtime.

  • Smart Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter ULTRA Vortexor Model: VRX10A*

This flowmeter detects vortex generation by detecting a phase difference in ultrasonic waves by means of two pairs of ultrasonic wave sensors on the exterior of the detector. It is ideal for liquid flow rate measurement applications that requires high accuracy. With its high sensitivity and reliability, the ULTRA Vortexor Smart Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter is attracting attention as an ideal replacement for conventional differential pressure flowmeters. 

  • Micro Flow Vortex Gas Flowmeter Model: MVF***

The Micro Flow Vortex Gas Flowmeter achieves a wide measurement range of 100:1 by employing a Micro Flow sensor, our proprietary thermal flow velocity sensor, to serve as the Karman vortex detector. Integrating the temperature and pressure compensation mechanisms into this unit eliminates the need to compensate for temperature and pressure externally, so this flowmeter makes possible a significant cost reduction. This flowmeter is ideal for flow rate management and per-building consumption management of fuel gas, various industrial gases, and factory air that are used in production processes and testing devices.


Admass Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

This Coriolis mass flowmeter is made for either liquid or gas measurement. It utilizes a unique torsion bar vibration system to vibrate the detector tube indirectly. When fluid flows, it detects the phase difference in order to directly measure the mass of the fluid. Because it directly obtains the mass flow rate, this flowmeter does not require the temperature and pressure compensation needed by volumetric flowmeters. Some other features are:

  • Highly accurate liquid mass flow rate measurement
  • Traceability (Applicable diameters: 10-50 mm)
  • High accuracy measurement down to 5 % of the range
  • Resistance to piping vibration due to torsion bar vibration system
  • Easy-to-handle separable converter
  • Sizes from small to large diameter


<Question(1)> : What is TOKIWA CO.,LTD?

<Answer> : We are a Japanese trading company, with great experience in the industrial product and machinery business. We have developed a professional skilled and dedicated service to customers for more than 93 years.


<Question(2)> : What can TOKIWA provide?

<Answer> : We mainly deal with Rubber Hose, PVC Hose, V-Belt, Timing Belt, Roller Chain, PVC Tarpaulin, Bearing, Tape, Hand Tools, Utility Knife, Packing, Rubber Sheet, Film…etc.


<Question(3)> : How is your service quality?

<Answer> : We reply to inquiries on the first 24 hours. Fast delivery service after payment confirmation.


<Question(4)> : Can you provide samples?

<Answer> : Yes, product sample inquiries are warmly welcomed! You only need to pay for the shipping.


<Question(5)> : How can I send a request for quotation?

<Answer> : You just need to let us know the product number/model & quantities you want.


<Question(6)> : What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

<Answer> : We do not have MOQ for our products. You can order even just 1 piece!


<Question(7)> : How can I pay?

<Answer> : We accept L/C, T/T and PayPal.


<Question(8)> : How about your Inspection & Packaging?

<Answer> : We will do inspection before packaging. Standard Export Packaging.


<Question(9)> : How about your shipment?

<Answer> : We can deliver both by air and sea. We use a wide range of companies and services such as EMS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, Less than Container Load, 20ft & 40ft Container.


<Question(10)> : I want to buy one of your products, but I don't speak Japanese. Can you speak English?

<Answer> : Yes, of course. In Tokiwa, our experienced multilingual trading team 
can attend your request and communicate not only in Japanese, but in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.


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Please, send an inquiry about the products you are interested in and we will give you more details. We will do our best to satisfy your demand. Looking forward to hearing from you!