Lineup of motor products (servo motor, stepping motor, induction motor) manufactured by Nidec Corporation. Made in Japan

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42M, CMC, AM50, Automotive EPS/ABS, FP8S, LS, FE/FEL, RPN, SRM, S-FLAG
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100 Unit/Units per Month
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Lineup of motor products (servo motor, stepping motor, induction motor) manufactured by Nidec Corporation. Made in Japan

Product Description

 Motors are used in a wide range of fields, including IT and office equipment, home apploances and audio/video equipment, as well in automobiles or any other industrial equipment. The Nidec Group Corporation has a broad lineup from small precision motors used in telecommunications equipment to ultra-large motors for industrial systems.


Brushless DC Motor

These are improved DC Motors developed by removing the brushes and commutators from brush DC motors to eliminate their shortcomings such as brush wear and electrical noise. Nidec produces more brushless motors than any other company in the world. Brushless motors have many advantages. Compared to AC motors, they have lower power consumption. Also, compared to brush motors, they provide energy savings, longer life, more compact size and lighter weight, as well as lower noise levels., achieving high efficiency.


Outer Rotor Type

The outer rotor type has the stator positioned within the cup-shaped rotor. The inertial movement is large and the drive torque can also be made large, so they have superior speed constancy that contrasts with the inner rotor type. This speed constancy is used to drive optical disk drives and hard disk drives. Also, because they have such high torque for being lightweight, they are also used for direct propeller drive of model airplanes. In major central heating and air conditioner manufacturers in North American and Europe. they are used to control dampers used in adjusting temperatures between rooms, and in fire and smoke detection. Also used in driving gears, pumps and pulleys. Changing and detection of rotating speed through PWM inout are possible. In addition, customization enables changes to base plate configuration, addition of pinion gears, changing of shaft projection direction, inclusio opf mounting plates, use of neodymium, sleeve bearings, and non-built-in drive circuits.

Inner Rotor Type

The inner rotor type has the stator positioned outside a cylindrical rotor. It is structurally simple and is the general type motor. Small models have particularly small inertial moments and are easy to change the speed and direction of, so they are also used as actuators in robots and the like. They can be swapped in for the brush and stepping motors currently used in home electronics, automotive equipment (power steering system, air-conditioner blowers...), office equipment, etc. They are also extensively used in air conditioning, providing environmental resistance (heat-hardened resin molded models). They fully solve issues with electromagnetic noise, short service life, and low energy efficiency because of high vibration noise, all disadvantages of brush motors. High functionality is achieved at low cost. They can incorporate a built-in drive circuit. Within this category we also have an AC/DC motor that is a high efficiency brushless DC motor driven directly from an AC power supply, saving more than 65% of energy without any significant design changes.


Brush DC Motor

Brush DC motors that use permanent magnets. Also called governless motors, they feature lower power consumption than AC motors.


Motors with Cores

Motors with built-in permaent magnets with iron core structure. Specially designed for automotive use achieving high quality, functionality and reliability. They have long life, high power and response, and quietness characteristics that make them ideal for use in parts in vehicle power steering systems, aur-conditioner blowers, etc.


Coreless Motors

Outer rotor type motors with built-in permanent magnet field in a cup-shaped armature with the windings fastened only with plastic. swe created high performance coreless motor by re-investigating the design of coil and mangenetic circuit as well as by utilizing oir high precision processing technology and inernal processng technology. Some of the most distinctive features are the small diameter/high torque, sero cogging, high speed response (low inertia), low speed drive and long service life (less abrasion due to low starting voltage). It can be custom designed (possible to add our in-house gear).


Induction Motor

Motor driven by single-phase (AC)/3-phase power source. They are used in the residential power environment for consumer use and in the 3-phase AC environment of factories and other industrial settings. Their rotating speed is slower than their synchronous speed. These are also calles asynchronous motors. The main features of general-use products are globally standarized.


3-phase Induction Motor

Widely used in industrial applications, they are robust motors with comparatively simple structures and can run on industrial power. Nidec induction motor line up features a wide variety of motors from the standard series to the applied series to match with equipment in a wide variety of fields for industrial use. For example, the inverter dedicated motor, the premium efficiency IE3 motor (provides energy savings in industrial applications and is environmentally friendly), the low voltage ones (there are no harmful impacts from water droplets from any direction, and the construction makes it difficult for dust to enter the motor. Suitable for use in adverse conditions such as in high temperatures, high humidity and large amounst of dust).



Single-phase Induction Motor

Robust and simple motors that can run on commercial or residential power. There is a wide variety of models that can be used in equipment as dedicated motors in every field for both consumer and industrial use. The domestic use oriented models, instead of using a capacitor, use the difference in induced reactance between the main and starting coils to create a rotating magnetic field and start the drive. This has a lower startup torque, but the lack of capacitor makes this motor more economical. There are also AC models conencted during capacitor drive and operation with a low startup torque as well an used where high efficiency is requires, such as pumps, fans, etc.


Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors have permanent magnets built into the rotor. The rotating speed and the syncronous speed are identical. They are classified into reluctance motor, hysteresis motor and inductor type motor.


Servo Motor

Motor primarily used for applications that control position, speed, etc with the servo mechanism. It is used in applications that require precision positioning. Many servo motors are used as well at manufacturing plants for machine tools, packing machines and industrial robots. They are also used in radio controlled servos for model automobiles, airplanes, and ships.


AC Servo Motor

Servo motors that run on AC power supply and are designed for high efficiency, high precision, energy-saving and high value applications. our flagship S-FLAG AC servo motor model is now being applied in semiconductor maufacturing machines, processing machines, printing machines, textile machines, a large variety of automation machinery,a s well as for LED panel-handling robots.


DC Servo Motor

Servo motors that run on DC power supply. They are used in applications that require precision positioning. Many DC servo motors are used in printers, plotters and other office equipment. They are also used in machine tools, packing machines, industrial robots and other applications that require control.


SR Motors

Next generation motors that do not use permanent magnets or brushes. These are also called switched reluctance motors or variable reluctance (VR) motors. In principle, the rotor has neither permanent magnet nor winding. the motor structure is simple and inexpensive, mechanically sturdy, and there is no problem with rotor heat generation. This type of motor has the feature that there is no problem of thermal demagnetization of the permanent magnets and it can operate at high temperatures and high speeds. There is as well a reduction n noise and vibration and a fixed output variation range.


Stepping Motor

Motors that rotate in units of the steps determined by the pulse signals applied. That is, they use intermittent step operations in response to pulsed input power. Precise angular control of the motos axis is possible using just the pulse power, providing accurate positioning control with a simple circuit configuration. These are used in a wide range of equiment from industrial robots, aircrafts, and automobiles to office equipment. There are 3 types of motors depending on the rotor type: VR (Variable reluctance), PM (Permanent Magnet) and HB (HyBrid). They are used in Nidec Group products in a wide range of industries.


Drive Circuits

They have speed control, protectice functions, etc, and can control AC and DC motors safely. In addition to operating parameters such as settings between acceleration and deceleration and rotational direction, they also incorporate ocercurrent and overvoltage protection features, providing high functionality and reliability. Unnecessary parts have been eliminated, with only required sections left, and both "single phase/3-phase" power sources are supported. They are energy saving, simple and easy to operate.



<Question(1)> : What is TOKIWA CO.,LTD?

<Answer> : We are a Japanese trading company, with great experience in the industrial product and machinery business. We have developed a professional skilled and dedicated service to customers for more than 93 years.


<Question(2)> : What can TOKIWA provide?

<Answer> : We mainly deal with Rubber Hose, PVC Hose, V-Belt, Timing Belt, Roller Chain, PVC Tarpaulin, Bearing, Tape, Hand Tools, Utility Knife, Packing, Rubber Sheet, Film…etc.


<Question(3)> : How is your service quality?

<Answer> : We reply to inquiries on the first 24 hours. Fast delivery service after payment confirmation.


<Question(4)> : Can you provide samples?

<Answer> : Yes, product sample inquiries are warmly welcomed! You only need to pay for the shipping.


<Question(5)> : How can I send a request for quotation?

<Answer> : You just need to let us know the product number/model & quantities you want.


<Question(6)> : What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

<Answer> : We do not have MOQ for our products. You can order even just 1 piece!


<Question(7)> : How can I pay?

<Answer> : We accept L/C, T/T and PayPal.


<Question(8)> : How about your Inspection & Packaging?

<Answer> : We will do inspection before packaging. Standard Export Packaging.


<Question(9)> : How about your shipment?

<Answer> : We can deliver both by air and sea. We use a wide range of companies and services such as EMS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, Less than Container Load, 20ft & 40ft Container.


<Question(10)> : I want to buy one of your products, but I don't speak Japanese. Can you speak English?

<Answer> : Yes, of course. In Tokiwa, our experienced multilingual trading team 
can attend your request and communicate not only in Japanese, but in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.


Company Information

Please, send an inquiry about the products you are interested in and we will give you more details. We will do our best to satisfy your demand. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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